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Having my dealer wrap my headers/pipessoon on my 2016 Duc Scrambler Icon due to excessive heat I PREDICT will be an issue at traffic stops in very hot weather when I can't keep moving. NOTE- Just bought bike, road it for only a 1 mile test drive at dealer in dec. in chicago in 30 degree outdoor temperature. It's now in climate controlled winter storage at my dealer. Ceramic coating is way out of my price range, so I'm going to have my dealer's tech guy wrap my pipes using' DEI~~~~' "design engineering 010127 titanium 2" W exhaust heat wrap w LR technology". If done right to my duc's pipes/headers, the DEI tech dept. claims that their titanium wrap will REDUCE excessive heat coming off the pipes by 30% to 50%, which based on reviews from owners on this forum and amazon reviews, I have to believe. So my question is simple here; I want to get out in front of the quote coming for dealer labor cost on this job by asking anyone who knows the answer to my question here; BTW, dealers ONLY do exactly what u tell them to do, and no more. Obviously, the R side of my bike is the main place where the excessive heat shows up,,,,,so I need to know if I need to tell my dealer to address anything that needs to be wrapped UNDER MY SEAT?

-DOES MY ICON MODEL HAVE 'ANY' PIPING/HEADER UNDER MY SEAT THAT WOULD REQUIRE WRAPPING? I assume the Desert Sled model has a different exhaust pipe layout that DOES run under the seat and might cause the seat to get hot and would thus need wrapping,,,,,,I have upgraded my seat from stock to a British Customs brown 'old school' diamond stitch seat. I have attached a few pics of my bike, w the BC seat. Also attached a photo of someone else's Icon AFTER R side ONLY header/pipe wrapping was done. I watched a youtube video instructing how to wrap a 2015 duc classic,,,,the video guy, who BTW is NOT using the DEI titanium, {which does not require soaking} does NOT wrap anything under the seat; youtude video title: "exhaust heat wrap on the scrambler-ducati scrambler project ep 10",,,,,, Spring is just around the corner guys,,,,,, :cool:


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