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Would you like a 4-position adjustable handlebar set from Woodcraft?

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Pretty much inspired by their Monster clip-on risers. I emailed them and enquired on the availability of similar product for our Scrambler.

They don't have it now, but are very interested to make one for the Scrambler.

I proposed to them to make it as a full replacement of the handlebar set (clamp+handlebar), flippable, and ability to mount the meter in the centre.

So the main plate can be flipped (2 positions), and bars can be flipped too (2 positions). We get 4 different riding positions depending on your preference. ;)

What do you guys think?

*Sorry for the bad drawing
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Nice! How much does their monster version run?
I've seen those on the Monster and while cool didn't think they were worth the extra money for a very minimal change in riding position, however this would be a great option for the Scrambler since it would change the look and riding position of the bike pretty dramatically. I would be very interested in an option like this depending on price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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