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Well, here is why - according to this Relaxnews (AFP) article on msn, Scrambler is one of the trendsetters of 2015

Trends shaping the bikes of 2015

Adventure bikes are still holding their own; Ducati's Scrambler is creating a scramble towards customization and personalization; and thanks to Kawasaki, superbike makers are about to get into a horsepower war.

Also unveiled in November was the Ducati Scrambler, a bike that is unapologetically retro and one that is very self-consciously trying to be a lifestyle brand in its own right. Like a Mini or a Fiat 500, there is an almost endless scope for personalization, and for matching accessories.

And the Scrambler is clearly appealing to the more style conscious. In April(2015), Ducati reported its best ever month of sales -- 7,309 bikes -- and singled out the Scrambler as a contributing factor.

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