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Where are you from Ducati Scrambler enthusiasts!

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Let us know where you are checking in from!
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My main residence is Hua Hin around two quarter hours drive south. Let me know if you ever down this way..
Me and the wife might make trip down there soon. I'll let you know.
Sure! I only took delivery last week and fairly new to big biking. I am 51 years so people probably think me a little crazy. Always loved dual purpose bikes and think this bike will be great for pottering around the red roads of Thailand. I am very impressed with the bike so far. My gf is too and has been taking it to work in the mornings. She works in a local 5 star hotel on the beach and has been getting some approving stares.. :)

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Nome, Alaska

Steve, in Nome, Alaska. Wouldn't be a Riedel would you?
All over the [email protected] place...mainly in California...up in northeastern California at the moment...

South Wales, Beautiful rolling hills with winding roads and the best beaches in the UK.
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Encinitas CA (San Diego) Urban Enduro model.
Toronto, Canada. First bike - Sixty2
Welcome to riding! I'm from Guelph, Canada (for the American's that's about an hour away from Toronto). 11th bike, Icon 800.
Azeitão, Portugal
Escondido California
Madrid, Spain

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