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Werkes exhaust is coming

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For those like me itching to replace the somewhat tame (and heavy) stock exhaust, Competition Werkes is coming out with a slip-on kit for the Scrambler.

Most of their kits are pretty straightforward installs (or so I'm told), and for similar bikes run around $450 US: Exhaust

And it was used on the Holographic Hammer: Hero 01: Holographic Hammer's Ducati Scrambler | Bike EXIF or

Here's what one sounds like on a Monster 821: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY5oMpTghtE

A friend has one on his Diavel, which is how I found out about the company in the first place. I pestered them early August and they said they had a Scrambler in the shop and was expecting to have something online in a couple of weeks.

I personally like the look of the prototype pics from New Rage Cycles (https://instagram.com/p/42pWXMKDiq/?taken-by=newragecycles), and like the Remus sound (but not so much the look), but a lot of serious riders swear by the Werkes.

Anyone have good videos/soundclips to share of their aftermarket exhaust?
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There is a quick video clip of the Hammer where you can hear the bike zoom by at speed: https://youtu.be/-BSVkI3Ds8E?t=1m32s

Me. Want.
Yes, a lot of serious riders swear by Werkes. That is true indeed. I am also eagerly waiting for the slip-on kit.
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