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This is a question for those people (Albie, Jerry, Little Owl and others) who have replaced their rear shock.
It was mentioned some time ago that the bottom mount (apparently its called the Silenbloc) on somebodies shock was almost worn out when they removed it to fit their new aftermarket shock.
Could I hear from anybody else who has noticed this.
Is it a common problem ?.
The reason I ask is because I am seriously thinking of getting my shock rebuilt. While I have no doubts about the Suspension shop that is doing the work, I am concerned that I/we wont be able to see if I have a problem with the lower mounting eyelet as the bike has only done 700 Klms and the problem may not have shown up by then.
I will also put this on the other Scrambler forum.
Kind regards - Ray.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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