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Urban Enduro Mods so far...

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I've put about 1300 miles on my Scrambler so far, which isn't bad since I brought it home about a 4 weeks ago and was out of town for 2 of those.

Here's what I've changed on from the stock Urban Enduro:

Low Bars (Ducati)
Metal front fender (Ducati again)
Yanked stickers (of course) and decals, other than the red X (going to move that to cover the panel screws)
Pulled that license plate swingarm thing, clipped off rear signals, added a New Rage Cycle fender eliminator/LED kit. (LED rear blinker bar is tucked up along the rear fender just above the lighted plate holder, you can see it in the second pic.)
Installed rear axle slider.

Still to come:
EXHAUST (Werkes? New Rage? Other?) Really want a slip on, but haven't loved any of the solutions out yet and folks are still working on good stuff.
Install frame slider (I bought, just haven't got around to putting it on.)

Bar end mirrors: was going to see what some Napoleons I have laying around would look like, but this thread at a the official forum steered me away: First order of business - change the bars! | Ducati Scrambler Forum So I got just ordered some standard round drop ones (CRG Hindsight-like) that I'll try, and maybe try the Napleon's, too
Brake levers: Got some foldable Pazzos on the way. I haven't been super careful with this bike, I've already dropped it once stopping too quick at an angle in a parking lot that was on a slight hill. I've taken it out for overnight camping trips the past couple of weekends, and its been on gravel roads and fire roads in the mountains.

Hopefully that will be it for a while. Ironically this new bike might be the "beater" but reliable road trip bike and my 40-year old Honda will be the "nice" in-town ride once that bike is back from the shop with an engine rebuild and I have a chance to redo its electrical.

I do have to say, some of the pics of mods here have me thinking keeping the plan to keep Scrambler mostly stock might not last long.

Also, if anyone wants I can take and post more flattering pics. These are just from out and about on trips.


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Nice job! I'm with you on the 40yr old Honda is the nice in town bike :D
Are you planning on getting saddle bags? The ones I'm most interested in are the Wolfman bags but I dont see any luggage racks for those yet.
I *just* posted on the saddle bags thread about this same thing. ;-)

I like tail bags more than panniers (shorter trips are my thing mostly due to time available).

Check out Mosko Moto: Moto Luggage | Mosko Moto. My friend has a set arriving for his Yamaha KLR this week. I'll report back once I see what its like in person. I did see a Mosko set up on a couple of other bikes and they looked great and seemed to be designed and built well.

To me it looks pretty sturdy, and some of the setups are cheaper with more space and storage options than Wolfman.
Bars and fender look nice on that.

My dealer had the classic front and rear fender on the Enduro....I think those fenders looked more appropriate on the Endudro then the Classic
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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