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Tour France - Switzerland - Germany

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Last week I had a 1500 km fun tour that started very wet. Some impressions:
WET after 500 km in pouring rain!

Later on the sun was on our side. Black forest with an old friend on a Speed Triple, I had no problem keeping up, and since he had the GPS I appreciate now even more having a cat in the exhaust. These old bikes stink when tail gating them!

Finally the most beautiful trip home through the mountains of the black forest, les Vosges and the Jura. The race managers said I was a bit fast >:D and I had to pay a little fun fee. :crying: But no sweat compared to the poor Harlley guy that came next. Open
tubes, and you would not believe it: They had portable DB meters!

This is the best touring bike I ever rode. Seated totally relaxed (I will not change the handle bar! Comfort before looks!), no back pain, the stock seat broke nicely into my behind or vice versa, submarine weather no problem for the bike, and with the tank bag I am comfortably riding at 140-150 km/h on the freeway just leaning into the wind and keeping things constant while smiling 0:).

Cheers, Albrecht


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Is that a Mercedes police vehicle?

If so I know cops where i'm located would be willing to ditch their Crown Victoria Ford for that any day :D
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