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Too much oil

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Good evening everyone

Recieved my red Icon last tuesday, and what a fantastic bike! Most fun I`ve ever had on 2 wheels. Haven`t been able to drive more than about 150 km so far though. A massive snowfall last thursday put an effective stop to the fun for a few days. Not easy being a biker up here in the north :)

Anyway, after a great ride today, I happened to check the oil level, and it seems to be way too much oil in the engine. The whole side-window was covered. Far above the max marking in other words.
The level was checked right after the engine was turned off. Could this play a part? Should I check the level at cold engine?
Is it possible that there should be more oil in the engine for the first 1000 km?

I`m afraid my technical skills aren`t that good...
I`ll call my dealer tomorrow, but interesting to hear from anyone of you if you have the same experience

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Yes give the engine chance to settle after a ride. If anything they look low because of the lean on the side stands. Make sure its on a level ground on both planes to get an accurate level. Sometimes they do produce mayonnaise in the cold but nothing to worry about. In summer or a good ride soon cures that.
Is this with the kickstand down and the bike sitting at an angle?

If so, you need to check it with a friend sitting on the bike and holding it perfectly upright.

I'm sorry if that is obvious, I don't mean to be offensive haha :)
Thanks for your replies

Hehe, no offense taken. The oil was checked on level ground with the bike perfectly upright. I guess I`ll check it tomorrow when the engine is cold, and check it out with my dealer if it`s still too much.
I haven't looked into the details of this engine but if it is a dry sump, the bike should be warmed up first.

Once it is warmed up, let it cool for 10 minutes, then check it in the upright position.
If its been overfilled, simply insert the tube of a trigger pumped bottle (something like window cleaner) down the filler hole and drain some out.

Like many have said, take the oil level when the engine is thoroughly warm, but has been left to settle for 10-15mins.
Same here, the dealers seem to think they do you good. As long as you have no foam on the surface no harm except warming up takes 30 s longer. Crankshaft seems to sit quite high, did not stir / foam in my case. Engine has a wet sump of course... If worried or foam visible suck some out. Cheers!
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