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Scrambler is agile. A lot more than expected.
But some details are misplaced if you like to push it down.

Footpegs are ok for tourism, but too low and advanced when lean angle exceeds the average chopper capabilities.

The unexpected has come to my attention yesterday. Exhaust collector is too low too. If you push just a bit more when right footpeg is on the asphalt, the heatpipe follows. And that steel is so soft... made to withstand very high temp, not abrasion.

Belive me, I've touched just a moment, I've recovered immediately. It has already started burning. :| I know that soon my friend smith will have to fix it...

So to get in topic, what do we have to do to have this bike turn without scratching every protuberance?

Anyone with experience in moving footpegs? Maybe lifting suspensions could help?
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