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When doing the MWR PUK & Filter mod, I removed air box to cut, in doing so I pulled the throttle body out and lowered it by disassembling the throttle from the handlebars and fed slack through to lower the throttle body out of the air box without disassembling it or adjusting the cable at the throttle body.
Reassembly went fine, but potentially created tension when pulling the slack back up into the cable/handlebar area. Or perhaps there is some tension placed somewhere in the cable routing, which i don't believe was changed drastically.
Issue: when reattaching the throttle cable at the handlebar and assembling that mechanism it runs up to 6,000 rpm, when not attached and there is slack in the line it idles like normal with no issues. Only when i reassemble it like normal is the tension in the line an issue pulling it to rev at 6k.

Planning to double check routing and search for anything that may be causing resistance or snagging the cable.
-is the throttle body’s metal tubing that the cable runs through supposed to poke out of the top of the air box or not? Could that be it?
-where are some common areas where the cable could be snagged/held up causing the tension and high revs?
-any suggestions for troubleshooting this issue?
- any links to tutorials, videos, or threads that may help me get a better understanding of the problem?
literally any constructive advice would be appreciated, except take it to the dealer, they responded with 0 advice (what I asked) and sent me over a quote for $550 for diagnostics on the issue. Needless to say, I will never go there again [Ducati dealer in Redmond, Washington]
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