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First Look & Review

Now that we finally got to see the all-new 2015 Ducati Scrambler, get yourself up to speed by viewing this review here.
The new Scrambler is the first new-model announcement from Ducati this year, a stripped-down, retro-hued roadster that will cut a broad swathe of demographics, from hipster 20-somethings to nostalgic Baby Boomers. It’s also the platform that will ensure Ducati’s air-cooled V-Twin powerplant a life beyond 2015.

ED- The video seen below was shot when Ducati reps told us the Scrambler would be produced in only one color and one version. Keep reading the text below to learn about the four versions of the Scrambler.

Pre-Orders Have Started

Dealers are taking pre-orders, join the discussion Here to get the latest updates!

Member: @JWA
I placed an order the day after the debut. I ordered an Icon in red, and got into the first batch of orders that my dealer is placing. I wasn't in the market for a bike and wasn't very impressed from the spy shots, but once I saw it I had to have one.

Member: @Erik Wahlin
I ordered a Scrambler classic as soon as I heard they came out.I figured most people were going with the Icon due to price and more color options but I really wanted the spoked wheels. Also hope that the vintage seat they are showing is real leather. I ordered as soon as possible because I want the bike as soon as possible and figured there might be demand issues.


Ducati Scrambler Specifications are finally out. Is this what you wanted from Ducati? Join the discussion Here

The rumors and the wait have finally met their termination, the scrambler is here

  • 803cc air-cooled V-twin
  • 75bhp / 50.2lbft
  • Four versions
  • Full LCD dash
  • Custom-friendly
  • 790mm seat height
  • Pirelli Dual sport Rubber
  • ABS Standard
  • Semi floating monobloc 4 Piston Brembos
  • Upside down Kayaba 41 mm fork
  • Single Kayaba rear shock
  • Under seat USB

4 Ducati Scrambler Models To Choose From

Discuss and see all you need to know on the 4 Ducati Scrambler Models by clicking through the following links:


It looks Amazing!

Admit it, the 2015 Ducati Scrambler looks amazing, for the doubters or those that can't get enough of it, click through the follow Scrambler picture collections below and join the discussion:


Fairly Attractive Pricing

Pricing for all models is priced fairly attractive, all sub-$10K, which for most is quite easily attainable. See a full break down of pricing and join the discussion by clicking this link.

Fairly attractive pricing for the scrambler, I think its a bit steep for the new rider that has been oft talked about, but no matter for those of us not new riders with some cash to play with, sub $10K is an excellent place to begin IMO.
Ducati Scrambler UK Pricing

Lets hear from those of us in the UK!

There's more to the name 'Scrambler'

Pulled from a Press Release is what the name 'Scrambler' means to Ducati. Whether you like their description or not, share your thoughts about it here and see what others Scrambler enthusiasts have to say.

The Scrambler name has much in common with the verb to scramble - mixing up, blending, letting the imagination run free, sharing with others. Ducati Scrambler, the two-wheeled alter ego of those who ride it, is a cultural movement in and of itself. It’s free-spirited, positive and anti-conformist, open to encounters with other philosophies and styles. Ducati Scrambler isn’t just a bike, it’s a world.'

‘This symbolic opening-up of a "new world" at the end of the press-dedicated day involved both public and media in an original presentation that was fully in keeping with the language and style of this exciting new concept.’
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