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Termignoni race experiment

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1. Standard exhaust throttle mapping = should have done better Ducati
2. Termignoni with dB killer in = sounds much better, fueling far better at low speed, looses a little mid range.
3. Termignoni with dB killer removed = sounds>:D, throttle response at low revs worse than 2. A little snatchy. Regains mid range.

Waiting for first service and new map to be uploaded to bike. I'm then expecting 3. to be perfect.....:D
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For what it's worth, I got the Termi and map done over 2000 miles ago, and then about 250 miles ago had to take the Termi off. There is a weld broken inside the resonator, and I'm waiting for a replacement from Italy. In the meantime, I have the stock exhaust back on, but still running the termi map. I can't tell any throttle difference.
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