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Tail section ideas

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Looking at the three different tail sections, i wonder how easy or hard it would be to swap them out?

I like the urban enduro, but I like the minimalism of the full throttle's tail. On the full throttle, the tail basically ends at the end of the seat, with the turn signals held on by a couple of little arms. The Icon/Urban Enduro tail is like a tiny little fender.

Has anybody looked under there? Would these basically be bolt-on/off pieces?
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I ordered this part from FT for my Icon. The rear Fender can be detached easily, also the "inner" part (black Fender under the yellow outer Fender) can be removed easily.
In the rear end of the Frame under the seat are 2 holes to fix the small plastic part from the FT which will hold the indicators.
Unfortunately this stupid plastic part isn't available yet, so order is open since 4 weeks but Ducati isn't able to deliver.
In the same time I will fix some Kellermann LED indicators. Also I think to replace the (not existing) Plastik part from FT by a nice Aluminium part, milled especially for me. But as I don't have the sample (the plastic from FT), I don't have the right dimensions as I suppose that the distances and exact positions of the indicators might be important for legal reasons.
Shame on Ducati, Advertising Accessoires which are not available...
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