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Sketch of possible Ducati Scrambler

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Found a sketch of what may become the new Ducati Scrambler. it definitely has a resemblance to some of the other renderings that I've seen, which is a sign that something might be accurate.

Are you guys a fan of the flat handle bars? As a tall guy I am wondering if this is going to cause me back problems because of the riding position.

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this looks like the JvB Scrambler, the sexiest design I've seen for a modern Ducati Scrambler. Id still like to see something a little more rugged though.

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I hope that the paint job is chrome instead of the matte finis that this pic^^^^ shows.
The Ducati Scrambler is like the basic motorbike design that every other design builds off of. It feels so classic. I hope that the back seat is a bit bigger and more padded like in the other Ducati concept thread i posted, but other than that this sketch looks great.
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