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side stand bolt loose!!!

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Alert: check your bolt attaching the side stand hinge to the engine block. Found it loose today @ 4500 km odo. 8 mm Allen wrench. Since I'm on a longish tour I did not have locktite available, but this one may need some extra measures to secure it because the snapping of the side stand puts a lot of torque stress on the bolt.
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Thank you for the head's up! All the best for your tour.

Thanks for the head's up! All the best for your tour.

double post
mine as come out..

Only noticed it when trying to ride home from work and sensor issue came up for the kickstand. Checked the stand at it now rotates rather strangely and the kickstand sensor comes off.

Out of curiosity does anyone know what the bolt is that should be there, and do I order a new one through dealer, or does it go on warranty or?
Thanks. Good to know. I was looking at the bike y'day thinking there must a few bolts that need loctite. I'll check that one today.
I went downstairs and checked just now. The main 8mm bolt that holds the side stand mount to the engine was loctited on my bike. I redid it with red loctite. The 8mm head top hat that holds the side stand sensor/sw to the side stand pivot bolt itself was moderately tight - it appears to have some sort of loctite in it as well - I just tightened it up - note this one would be a PITA to lose - special bolt for sure. I will find some blue loctite and do this one up again because of the hassle it will cause if lost and for sure it can work loose over time as the side stand is used.

I also went around all the 5mm/6mm gear shift linkage bolts and the exhaust mount bolts in that area - all of them were ok but needed a little cinching. The linkage bolts have small hex heads and will be a bitch to replace if lost so worth checking.

Edit - the actual side stand pivot bolt that the sensor mounds onto appears to have a nylock nut on the other end - that should not come loose easily.
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Lost mine in the summer after only 2500km, replaced it myself with an M10 screw which I had to reduce in length from 30mm to 25mm, used loctite and its now been good for the last 2500km.
The Dealer should replace free of charge as its obviously not fitted correctly.

So far the only gripe I have had.
which one is the m10x25mm? is it the one closest to the sensor or the main bolt to the engine? I´ve lost the one that is closest to the sensor but not sure what bolt to order.
bumping. If someone knows or has the time, could someone let me know what the type of screw it is? Is it the m10x25mm or is it another specialty screw that was indicated by someone else before.
The Screw that I lost is the Silver M10x25 that sits at the bottom near the sensor, when removed you can basically pivot the side stand.
I have used Loctite and tightened it up and after 3000km or so, its still sat tight.

Here are the relevant informations about side-stand torques for fastening :

- Side stand rotation pin lock nut fastener M10x1.25 torque = 24 Nm
- Side stand plate to crankcase fastener M10x1.5 torque = 36 Nm (Pre-applied threadlocker)
- Stand sensor fastener M6x1 torque = 5 Nm (Pre-applied threadlocker)
- Side stand rotation pin fastener M10x1.25 torque = 35 Nm
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