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She is all mine now ...

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Picked Red Icon up this morning. Had to go straight to a meeting and then head home but I managed to stick country lanes and had a blast.

Throttle seems ok and better then the test ride bike. Seat seems fine to me and I like the position of the bars which work well for my elbow that has pins and a plate. Mirrors are perfect and need no adjusting and give a good rear view.I kept it below 6k revs but enjoyed the brisk acceleration in short bursts as I believe in not babying a bike when new and never had a problem in the past. Bike feels planted in bends and I like the grip the tires give.

The suspension really gave me a battering on poor country lanes and my brain was rattled a bit. I think it is the front that's the culprit but am clueless with suspension so need to pay better attention. None the less I love this bike and am prepared to sort out suspension as the bike is a keeper.

Got home and found the R&G paddock bobbins and the frame plugs (16 quid for 2 plugs is not bad) both that I ordered 2 days ago so they are now on the bike. The crash bungs will do the job but the left one sticks out too far :) ... the engine guard looks good to my eyes and offers some protection against stones to the underside. Dealer had already removed all the frame stickers and just kept the one regarding chain adjustment.

Ok so here is a pic of me with a cheesy grin

On way home I stopped for a pic...huge plate but have a smaller one coming

And a few bits

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Looks great, and you look quite happy sitting there. I also like the picture on that country road.

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the bike, and congratulations on receiving your Scrambler!
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