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service manual CD

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Hi to all: I'm coming up on the first oil change for my new scrambler classic so am in a learning curve. I would like a service manual but found out today Ducati puts all their models on one CD for a price of $460 plus tax. That's a bit much for me and thought there might be a source for just the Scrambler modes at a more realistic price. Something copied on a thumb drive would be great for me. Any ideas or information much appreciated.
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Check it this post, I downloaded the manual in PDF

This looks like a preliminary version (incomplete in a few places and maybe wrong in others.)

But it's definitely a Ducati Scrambler 800 factory service manual. I just paid the 8 bucks to get my hands on it and it has a lot of info I was curious about.

DKM Motorcycles Workshop & Manuals: 2015 DUCATI SCRAMBLER Workshop Manual

I have no idea who the seller is or if they're doing something illegal or not. It worked for me though and I have the .pdf file and it opens and has contents, etc...
Service manual CD

Thanks shmakt:
I downloaded from the link you posted and it looks like it's just what I need for now.
Wes Stephens
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