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Scrambling in Thailand

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Hi, another Scrambler owner residing currently in Thailand checking in.
I got a pretty troublesome history so far with my yellow Icon.

When I got the bike initially, I rode it for a day and a half when a bolt came off and the engine started leaking oil onto the street which brought it to the rear tire and from there got distributed basically everwhere. Lost a bit over 1 liter of engine oil.

Truck picked it up in the night and two days later the dealer called me to say the bike is ready to be picked up. Found with my finger still oil on the inside of the exhaust and other places. Even could see an oil film with the eye on the inside of the rear mud guard. Add to that that there was loads of smoke when the engine leak happaned and who knows what happened to the engine when running without oil. They only plugged it into a computer to check it. So declined to take the bike back despite an offer from Ducati over a $1k voucher. Got a new bike instead after nearly a month and pushing them.

Rode 5 more days when I parked it while having lunch at a restaurant only to witness a pickup truck rolling it into the ground as the driver had forgotten to engage the handbrake. Now waiting for over a week already to get it repaired but it's taking again a long time and ETA is 3-4 more weeks.

Sigh :(
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