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Scrambler riding impression - experienced riders

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I'm (still) waiting for delivery of the Icon I ordered several months ago. I currently have two bikes in my garage (Bonneville T-100 and FJR 1300) and ride about 12,00 to 15,000 miles a year. I'm a bit concerned about some of the early issues with the Scrambler I've read about on the forum -- abrupt throttle response, false neutrals, excessive engine heat, etc., which are giving me second thoughts about the bike. I initially ordered the Icon to be my "city" bike, a second bike for running around town on short jaunts when I don't want to pull out the FJR. I figured it would be more sporty than the sedate Bonneville. No offense to the new riders at all, but I'm interested in the overall impression of experienced riders who have or have had multiple bikes, and who have put enough miles on the Scrambler to give a considered opinion. Are you fully satisfied? It's not too late for me to pass on the bike -- I'm sure there is someone else waiting in line who would buy the one I ordered.
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Have no fear - BUY IT! I have about 1200 miles on mine since May 1st. I have been riding for almost 50 years and owned at least 20 bikes, from Harleys, to CBRs and this Duc is the most fun I've had on a bike bar none. Throttle is a little touchy in 1st gear, not so much after that but you'll adapt easily. False neutrals - I think I've experienced that perhaps on 3 -4 occasions. On a hot day and in heavy stop and go traffic it gets a tad warm under my right leg but it has not been a big issue. In all I'd go out and buy it again in an instant;
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