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Scrambler Ducati Card

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How sweet, I got a letter today from Claudio Domenicali. He just wanted to congratulate me on my purchase and tell me how each customer is special to them blah blah blah.

Included with the letter is a 'Scrambler Ducati Card' with my name, my bike's frame number, personal ID code and most importantly....a phone number for roadside assistance valid throughout the entire warranty period on it.

Prior to this I purchased insurance for an entire year thinking it was the cheapest I could get. Then a few days ago I got my insurance papers and it says I am paying ten or fifteen dollars a month for roadside assistance. WTF? Neither I nor my broker said anything about roadside assistance when I purchased the insurance over the phone. I was pissed, but unsure if I should go down and raise **** or not considering they also insure my cars and hey, the roadside assistance might come in handy.

But now thanks to Claudio, I am now covered twice for roadside assistance. But now that the $500 plus dollars has been sucked out of my bank account, can I or even should I try to get the money back for the coverage I never asked for and now apparently don't need? Any armchair lawyers/insurance agents out there or even better, real ones?
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I got mine a few weeks ago, and I think that some other UK owners have had them too. See http://www.ducatiscramblerforum.com...ion/7625-scrambler-ducati-card.html#post88817
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