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Scrambled In Seattle

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About a month and a half and 2000 miles into Classic ownership here - loving every minute of it!

Almost completely stock for now - trimmed license plate bracket, removed frame stickers and fork reflectors.

Future plans include SW Motech crash bars (hopefully a skid will come out to that attaches to it!), different mirrors, and a yet unknown storage solution. Later on perhaps the QD high exhaust or similar and a reprogram of some sort.

- Mark


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I rode dirt bikes as a kid, and am an avid mountain biker... I wouldn't necessarily call this offroad, pretty mild Forest Service road. Maintaining traction over washboards was interesting, but the front end was planted in the turns and it'll kick the tail out predictably when asked!

*Edit* - A skid plate is planned, hoping something a bit more substantial than the current offerings comes available soon.
The gravel shot is on FR23 between Randle and Trout Lake (near Mt. Adams). Definitely worth the ride!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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