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Saddle bags

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Has anyone seen the Urban Enduro saddle bags in the flesh and have an opinion or pics? Curious about there size etc. If they would make them in black and yellow to suit the Icon I might be tempted. Need something just to store wet weather gear, water bottle etc. I've been spoiled by top boxes on my other bike.
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I've seen them in the flesh and wasn't impressed. But, like the tank bag and tail bag, the are made from a welded pvc type material, with a roll down closure, which is a quite popular 'adventure' type look. The advantage is that they are 100% waterproof, but the downside is they just look cheap and nasty to my eye.

I'm sure the aftermarket will come up with something better.
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Also the blaze panniers from SW Motech are now available.
Safe saddlebags BLAZE® for Ducati Scrambler, by SW-MOTECH.

The SW-Motech will also fit with the DM Telai Rear Rack as the pannier supports are mounted on the pillion footrest hangers and not the rear subframe. :)
Does anyone have pictures of those Blaze bags from the other side? From what little I could read there's two different sizes available as well (???).
There's only exhaust side photo's on their website, but they sit the same on both sides. There is only one size for the Blaze panniers - 14 litres per side, but expandable to 21 litres per side. The support rod for the panniers is fitted with a quick release, just leaving the mounting block attached to the foot rest hangers when not needed.

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Prices are up on the SW-Motech site and they are not cheap.
There's plenty of cheap luggage available. But very little that has a retro look and feel, whilst still fitting and functioning as modern luggage should. Having seen these in the flesh at the bike show, I don't think they are overly priced for what they offer and are very nicely made. The side bags and tail bags all have waterproof liners, and the construction and fittings look great.

I'm seriously tempted by some for my Bonneville.
Joe! are the saddle bags completely waterproof? like Kriega bags are?
The bags look very similar in concept to the Kriega's, with sewn outer bag, with a waterproof liner and roll top closure, with no zips. The people on the SW-Motech stand said they wouldn't float on water, like their welded vinyl bags, but they were very close to 100% when used correctly. I guess it's always hard to claim anything as being 100%, completely waterproof as someone will prove it wrong, but I had a good poke around the bags and liked what I saw.
hi guys

maybe you know where to find straps to secure the bag I already have... but mine is not waterproof and the one above I think is which is much better
ROK Straps are the simplest way to go for securing a bag to a bike, no hooks, adjustable and secure, I've used them for years - Rock straps, The utimate stretch straps
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