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Ride report hitting the dirt

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Went with a few guys I ride with. They all had dual sports the scrambler helds its own. Nothing crazy mostly fire roads and unpaved roads a few small climbs. The tires hook up pretty well for what they are. Very limited dirt time for me and its been 10 years since I have had a dirt bike. No scary moments just a lot fun very different from what I usually do.
So lets talk about observations of what could improve. I found first gear to be difficult to maintain traction especially going up hill. If you stay in second too tall just need to maintain momentum. Gearing change could benefit. Throttle is twitchy as we all know it did catch me out go over bumps or bigger rocks. Being smooth definitely helps but in this environment more so. Suspension actually worked better in this situation than on the road. I didnt feel it bottom or do anything strange. The back end pogoed a little when using the rear brake in tight corners. Ground clearance did not seem to be an issue. I do have a evotech engine guard and oil cooler guard. Nobody was kicking up too much roost but kept my distance nothing guarding headlight yet.
I put about 140 miles on with about 40 or so being dirt. Towards the end of the ride it happened all of sudden died. No power lights and dash had a few warnings engine light on. Then on the top it says side stand. I look down broken side switch plastic piece cracked. We unplugged the switch and stuck a piece of metal to close the loop in the plug. Temporary fix will find something permanent. I suggest anyone riding dirt get rid of the switch. This will leave you stranded and one less thing to worry about. Lost a nut on my license plate frame. I will clean and inspect the bike thoroughly for loose nuts. Good day and perfect riding weather can't ask for much more. :)
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I fixed the switch since the original was broken. I cut the plug off and plugged it back in twisted the wires together and shrink tube the exposed wire. Then zip tied it out of the way. I buy a new switch to put it back to stock later.
Not unless someone comes up with a stronger unit. The unit cracked in half I could glue it back what is the point. Must have kicked up a rock. I think the only solution would be remove it for dirt and put it back for street very simple device to install.
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