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Revzilla and the Scrambler

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Why the Ducati Scrambler is the bike for you - Common Tread - RevZilla

I think the Ducati Scrambler is the best and most appropriate motorcycle for the way most people ride, assuming they want something with a pleasing style that is still fun to ride.
For most people, I believe that Ducati's new $8,500, 75-horsepower, 400-pound, stylish standard is the perfect blend of capable, comfortable, and nice-looking. While not excelling completely at aesthetics or performance, it's the best combination of both that's currently available and it has a very reasonable MSRP.
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Thanks for the link ! I remember Sean from the bygone **** for Leather. A good writer. Common Tread looks like a blast, not to mention 187 comments so far !!
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