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on Saturday the 21st my wife an I had the first test Ride with a yellow Icon. In the afternoon we went skiing in Austria. Alltogether a great "Scrambling Day".

On Friday the 27 I paid my Red Icon and rode it home. I loved the ride, but it was quite cold in Bavaria. One day later we went snowboarding, since the weather was fine. Inspite of loving wintersport I´m looking forward to spring. Some scrambling has to be done...

I really like all the scrambler designs, but for me it had to be a red one.
Greets eric
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Oh bro... you should mount your screen to your second bike, really!

I don't want to be a unfriendly idiot, but the screen on your red beauty destroys it. Further more, the style of your screen remains on the bad taste of the eighties. Sorry for my direct words. Go for a thicker jacked instead of the screen, a scrambler with a screen is somehow a no-go. You don't ride a Harley with a leg-cover neither, no?

Cheers from Zurich, Motte
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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