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Red icon first spring day

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I bought my red icon Friday, and spent the entire Saturday on it. Love every bit of it. Winding mountain roads where I live in France. This is her domain. Engine is powerful but very smooth, doseable, no clatter or snap when closing the throttle. Suspension, traction, braking and curve handling are pure joy. Still cold here, had to dawdle her feet down across an ice patch in the morning I luckily saw in time...Tried a little photo shooting with the beauty :) (no smiley with sufficient grin available)


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OMG, it's just beautiful... Congratulations with your Red Icon!!! Can't wait for mine to arrive this month!!!
Congrats on the purchase, it looks great! Happy riding! :)
Congrats...lovely riding area! Where in France is this? I like taking my bikes to the mountains in Alsace around Colmar area and I just know the Scrambler is perfect for that
In the Jura, around Besancon. Secret tip: Valle de la loue. Little traffic, beautiful area. If you come by drop a message before!
Cheers will do! This year may have to take a break from touring but next year the Ducati factory is in our sights :)
Its looks so good in red. Roll on next Friday when I receive mine !!
And I think these nice photos can be used by Ducati for ads...
Beautiful photographs of a beautiful bike... Congratulations on your purchase...;)

Love the picture by the water. Can't wait until the bikes make it to Los Angeles. Go red!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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