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Red Icon Chiang Mai Thailand

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I picked up my Red Icon today in Chiang Mai, the first to take delivery in the north of Thailand, and immediately put 100 Kilometers on it - meagre first ride, I know. It is a BLAST as all the reviews say. I took it on the Samoeng Loop (google it) and it handled the twisties effortlessly. There were a couple of rough miles on the road and my teeth did chatter due to the front suspension, as has also been reported. BUT, I did not find the throttle response to be abrupt at all, contrary to reports. It was smooth as silk and a pleasure to ride, even in traffic. Not sure if I just got lucky or if they have fixed that widely reported feature.
Anyway, all you folks waiting for delivery will have a smile on your faces soon enough. Worth waiting for and deserving of all the hype.
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