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Rear scraper

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I was wondering what all mods people have done to their rear scrapers? Im not sold on the tail tidy for a few reason;

I plan to ride year round for work and here in the PNW we are akin to England in our weather patterns and the wet is a constant friend. I know the TT's and the scraper are not great for dealing with water but I imagine that the TT simply doesn't extend far enough to be very effective at dealing with it.

I also somewhat like the look of the plate/scraper because it isn't on the tail of the bike. The rear fender area is just cleaner looking this way IMO.

So, that leaves me wondering if anyone has made mods to the scraper on their bikes and what if anything can be done to clean up the look without decreasing the effectiveness of the unit or even perhaps increasing its effectiveness?

Maybe Im naive thinking that there is a way to improve it because I have yet to actually ride in the rain with mine yet. We have had unseasonably dry weather for this time of year.
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Just put the classic fenders on, are relatively cheap in comparison to other parts and come with all mounting equipment.
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