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Quarter of the way to the first service

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Second ride out today Cheshire, Wales and Chester. Got my Icon 10 days ago (weather here been 'orrible). 160 miles on the clock now. Loving it
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We better have a decent summer or I will be very disapponted.
Awesome, glad to hear you've been able to put some good mileage on it.

Are there any likes/dislikes or even concerns you have about it so far?
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Hey, i got a question..

As someone who is about to own his first 'real' bike, what does the service actually include? besides changing oil i guess? I get we have to take good care of our bikes and check wether everything is still the way it should be, but wat is there to do with a new bike after only 1000km's?

I'm planning on doing a road trip to the south of Europe and back, that will include almost double the distance of an advised service. Should I take any precoutions besides changing the oil before, half way, after and ocasionnally checking tire pressure/condition, chain tightness and brake fluids...?

This might be common knowledge for you veteran riders out there, but this noobie needs to be educated :)

thanks in advance for any advise!
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I believe the oil is changed at 1000km as it picks up undesirable bits as engine wears in. I may be wrong...

My comparisons are with a V-Strom 1000. Better in most respects especially being able to get both feet on the ground again has given me back my low speed confidence - it had gotten to be a 'thing' with me which s mainly why the Strom had spent more time in the garage the last couple of years.
Staying positive, the 'opportunities' include lack of fuel gauge and the wind pressure on my chest. #2 will be solved with a small discrete fairing when a suitable thing exists.
It all depends on what you want. We've just done our first two-up this morning (stop sniggering) which was OK but she misses the security of the top box
In the early years with the Strom we toured (Switzerland, Spain and France, Outer Hebrides, etc.). We won't be doing that now but if that's what you want the Scrambler isn't the best thing to do it on. Yes, I know that you can tour on a Honda C50 if you have a stubborn or masochistic streak but there are bikes better suited.

I've bought the Scrambler for weekend rides out and for that it's perfect. Don't forget the free accessory that came with it - an ear to ear grin.


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I hear you pj, if I have to work and worry in order to manage a bike it ruins it for me. Glad the Scrambler fills the bill, hope to more about it.

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I am up to 455 miles as of today and had a nice 180 miles in the drizzle rain on Friday. All was fun though and today a cold 55 miles with the missus who enjoyed it too. Week after next will get serviced but will open her up bit by bit but I have had 80 at 5800 rpm within the running in revs. Just enjoy riding her .:D
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