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We took a ride from Albany, NY to Worcester, MA on 4/24/15 to take a look as the Dealer Wagner Motorsports International was open on a Sunday and their website said they had 3 Icons in stock. 2 Hours later we walked into the dealer and they had one sitting just inside the door. I talked to the salesman, Mike, telling him we came to see the Scrambler and he greeted me with, "Would you like to ride it?" to which I replied, YES, my helmet is in the car. I suppose it helps being 60 years old in the offer of a test ride. I got back to the dealership and once my wife tried the pillion seat, pronounced it comfortable enough, we bought one of the 2 that were in the garage still in the shipping crate. The selling price was $8,495 plus freight and set up. Seeing as how there are waiting lists at some dealers we were pleased to get it. In all an excellent experience. Delivery was arranged, pick up truck borrowed and we returned on the 30th to take the bike home.

We finally got the time to ride it on 5/2. Put 155 miles on and it is one sweet ride. :) Even with the break-in limitations on RPM it will pull extra legal speeds in 6th. >:D Fuel tank lasts about 125 miles till the low fuel light comes on (a fuel level display would be nice) and this first tank of fuel returned about 45 mpg with 2 up. Stock tires are sticky enough to allow for nearly no chicken strips. In all, nicely done Ducati!
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