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Proud New Urban Enduro Owner!

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum although I've been on here almost daily since last February when I put down a deposit for an UE. Finally got the call from my dealer last week and happy to say I took it home Friday! This thing is absolutely amazing! I love it and it was well worth the wait. Already got the first mod underway, I actually took it back to the dealer this afternoon so I can get the termi race-line exhaust installed along with rizoma bar end mirrors. Will post pictures when I get it back later this week. Question for the forum, When I was talking to the service tech they indicated the belly pan/protective plate on the UE can't be mounted back into place with the termi race-line exhaust installed. Has anyone heard about this? If this is true is there a workaround?
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My dealer quoted me 4,5 hours for the high termi and a low handle bar on my UE. They also had to use a file to make the protective plate fit.
But those 11 hours sound like a lot!
Thanks for the update Gerry and Phnom, I appreciate the input! I just spoke with the dealer and they are going to file the protective plate to make it fit. I'll be picking up tomorrow, can't wait to hear the sound of the Termi!
The Termi sounds awesome! Cant wait until break in is over so i can rev it out! :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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