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Check out what the first group of Scrambler owners had to say upon receiving their bikes. Congratulations to you all and we look forward seeing the rest of you guys in our family receiving your very own Scrambler. Thanks for sharing your initial feedback guys!

I have created a new Ducati Scrambler Owners Check In Section. Be sure to check in and share your experience with the community.


I took the packaging home for garage wall art.

Heres mine.. Yes honest

I went and took my better half to the dealers today to finalise the pa...
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Cristovao Morgado

Yes.. finally it arrived in OPorto, Portugal..

Now needs Portuguese paperwork .... hope to have it rolling a a few days

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My red Icon came this wednesday. I mounted a handlebar from moose Racing and now a couple Of parts is at the painter for powdercoat.

What do you think about haveing the mirrors upside down?

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Good morning.
I write here because it's the only one way i have to write.
I d'like to contact the admin please, because I can't write any post, or message or email. I think there is a block on my profile, but i really don't know the reason. Did i something wrong? Please, i would like to have an answer.

Can someone forward this message to the administrator?
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