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I bought my new 2019 DS just couple of week back and took it to offroad ( couldn't wait) and was loving it, but unfortunately had a fall hitting a cow who decided to come my way. Escaped with a broken triple tee, bent gear lever and the handle bar stopper welded on the chassis. The bark buster did help protect the entire handle bar controls and the bar also. I escaped with some bruises here and there and manage to ride the bike back to the service center on my own.
Arguably, but the bark buster did his job by preventing the damage to the handle bar, its control and also may be the tank but the impact caused breakage of the triple tree and bending of the handle bar stopper welded on the chassis. At least I was not stranded waiting for the road side assistance to come and pick up.
The service center is saying that the stopper can be rewelded or repaired by denting, other items can be replaced under insurance.
Any such experience by anyone will be helpful for me to decide, don't want to reweld the chassis though.
Also gonna install OEM engine guard.
What al protections are available for gear and brake lever as I guess the engine guard will not sufficiently prevent damage to the foot controls.
Thanks in advance:)


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