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Pillion riders....

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OK my wife (50kg, 5' 9") has been on the back now. I haven't seen any pillion reviews so here is hers:

Her comments:

Right foot peg is basically in the exhaust flow - her foot is getting warm.
Seat feels like she'll slide off the back if not careful (I have always had racks or boxes on the back of other bikes - I have a rack on order).
She preferred the KTM Duke 390 but this is still better than the sportster or TW200. She's ok for short trips (which is what we do mostly - she's worked out that I can get her anywhere in Singapore - right up to the door - must faster than any other form of transport).
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hope this is another asian lady.. or once again. you need to feed this poor woman >:D

my 5'7 67-69 kg finds it quite comfortable. She hasn't complained about the exhaust yet, but believe mostly wearing jeans and boots or similar over the last few months compared to skirts and shoes (which is probably when it will become an annoyance).

She does have to sit quite close, the back grips are fine for low speed puttering around town, but otherwise it's decent grip around me.
The most annoying thing she finds is having to lean a bit to the side or sit very straight without seeing anything (as to not hit my helmet every once in a while).
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