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Pillion riders....

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OK my wife (50kg, 5' 9") has been on the back now. I haven't seen any pillion reviews so here is hers:

Her comments:

Right foot peg is basically in the exhaust flow - her foot is getting warm.
Seat feels like she'll slide off the back if not careful (I have always had racks or boxes on the back of other bikes - I have a rack on order).
She preferred the KTM Duke 390 but this is still better than the sportster or TW200. She's ok for short trips (which is what we do mostly - she's worked out that I can get her anywhere in Singapore - right up to the door - must faster than any other form of transport).
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Interesting fact: I slid back to sit on the passenger portion of the seat. If the front part of the seat was the same width like the bench seat on a Triumph Bonneville, the bike would be almost infinitely more comfortable to pilot.
Like the banana seats on the old CB's?
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