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Para los miembros españoles

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¿Alguien sabe de alguien que puede alterar los asientos de motos en España, preferentemente en Andalucía?
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Hi! I've known this shop in Málaga for many years, they do cars, bikes and boats upholstery. I haven't had anything done by them but they have a good reputation:

Tapiceria Automoviles Nuñez, contacto

Wow, thanks Cucho. You noticed my rubbish Spanish then and replied in my mother tongue, thanks!
I'll check out Nunez, thanks.
Not at all! Actually your message is in an absolutely perfect spanish, but since this forum is in english I thought it would be better, you never know who could need the information.

I bet your spanish is way better than my english!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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