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Nick the Greek and his Icon

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After delivery last weekend, the sunny Easter Sunday was the first opportunity to ride.
Had myself a trip over to "Get Geared" in Leeds for some new riding kit. Very helpful folk there and would recommend you check them out.

I've spent nearly thirty years riding GSXR Suzuki's, so I was expecting a bit of a culture shock riding the Icon. More detailed observations below, but let me sum the bike up in two words "great fun":D

As for looks, its a personal think I know, but I bought the Icon as I love yellow on black. New riding kit is all black, leather jacket trousers, gloves and some " short" Alpinestars boots.

Riding position. I'm 6' and 15 1/2 stone, but the riding position was quite comfortable. The bars are too high for me (lifetime of sports bikes) but a remedy is easy and may well just swap to the FT bars come first service. Watching the other threads on bars with interest.

Engine. Great fun. I expected it to rev slowly, but it eats up the revs very quickly, and you need to keep dancing on the gear change as I was advised by Sergio, my man at Ducati Manchester, not to go over 6k and bring her in for service circa 600 miles. Throttle response is somewhat snatchy at low revs but you can ride round this. Perhaps I'm not used to a twin, maybe the fueling is not quite right. First and second very low geared and whips away off the line, very easy to wheelie!

Handling. Only took a few miles to get comfortable and confident. Remembering the bike had six miles on it when I took it out and conscious of new rubber, I didn't go crazy, but it was easy to get the bike cranked right over, both at roundabout speeds and 80 mph out on the country roads.

Brakes. As above, didn't really use them in anger, but could feel them bedding in nicely and I believe they will easily be up to the job given the level of performance.

Accessories bought so far (all Ducati OEM) -
Yellow fly screen
Black stick on tank protector.
Scrambler bespoke cover.

I'll close by saying if you haven't got your Scrambler yet, you will not be disappointed!!!

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Congrats an getting your bike. Still waiting in the US.

Does the Ducati fly screen do anything? Where does the wind hit your chest?

I was thinking of getting the black panels painted with the old Ducati logo and skipping the glued-on Ducati logos.
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