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Newcomer from France, Brittany

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In no more than 5 hours, I will be the happy owner of a Ducati Scrambler Classic. I have ordered it on May, the 27th and it arrived in the Ducati dealer in Lorient (France, Brittany) on June, the 24th : quite a short waiting period compared to some other here :D

This bike will be my third Ducati, as I owned previously two successive Ducati ST2. I sold the last one in October 2014, after owning it 12 years and riding it on 120000 km. I also owned recently a Yamaha XT500 (born in 1980) and I sold it after participating in the last french Moto Tour, a road rallye.

I've chosen the Classic model mainly because it looks very similar to my XT500, with just a bigger engine and a better behaviour on roads.

I'm happy to join this forum where I will share all my knowledge in Ducati mechanic, as I have been performing all the maintenance on my second ST2.
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Welcome to the forum!

Have you already started planning out mods and accessories?
With you being a Ducati tech i bet be quite helpful to a lot of folks here.
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