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New Seat Altertative?

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I think few pair would work if you're planning on doing some touring with your stock seat.

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I think few pair would work if you're planning on doing some touring with your stock seat.

I used something similar when I did my first long ride on a SV650s with a stock seat. 670 miles in one day and no problems. Would use again for the Scrambler if I plan to do a 200 mile day
Thanks for the heads up. I needed a new pair of cycling shorts, but they cost way too much at the local bicycle shop.
According to PeteI, he felt completely fine after a 2 hour ride with a corbin seat.
Here's a link to his thread: http://www.ducatiscramblerforum.com/forum/classic-accessories-equipment/15081-500-mile-trip-new-mono-corbin.html
Actually, I read that and thought about buying some of these biker shorts and using them for the ride up to the Corbin shop, which is about 5.5-6.5 hours north of me.
I used mtn bike shorts when trying to do a quick break-in on my Classic and they really helped (I think) -- no problems on the long (380km) ride home from the dealer. Now at 1300 km, I just go jump on the bike and head out. I have a little ride to get to town, 5 km of cobblestones, dirt, and then 8 km of fairly smooth pavement, and have been using it as a light grocery getter, and as a reason to not take the car. I soon plan to spend a couple of hours straight on the bike but I feel like the seat and my a** have made a truce. I'm gonna keep riding the stock seat for a while. My wife is comfy on it too so I have to make sure that any change does not screw it up for her.
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