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Got my Sargent Solo seat installed this weekend and must say that the comfort level is much improved. At 5'-11", it fits with a little extra room to push back occasionally to the rear support and stretch my legs. I ride up "on the tank" pretty much after a lifetime of racing dirty bikes, so those who enjoy a more stretched out sit will like this solo seat. It looks really sharp to me and the yellow they used in the seat is close enough to the Ducati yellow for govt work. Well worth the cost in comfort and looks! I have a few more pix if wanted and a pic of the new seat tray bottom.
I added the Scrambler bags from Pure-Ducati and haven't even installed the metal frames. As I probably will only run one bag on the left side, I may leave things as is as it rides fine with the bag loops simply looped thru the seat frame rail. I also don't have to look at a bracket when not running the bag.
I slapped on a Renthal bar I had around with a crossbar brace and an old crossbar pad from a Rocky Mountain 300 run that matched color-wise and will install a black high rise front fender in a day or two. All this with the 16 tooth front sprocket have made my Scrambler a friggin' blast.


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