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Hi All

I have inquired regarding Alpina Tubeless Spoked Wheel replacements for peoples that would prefer tubless. There is a difference in the width diameter front and back. Scrambler is 5.5" rear and 3" front. I am unsure if this will have any affect. the more knolagable please advise.

I'm sure we might be able to achieve a little more discount than offered.

Any one interested? see email from them below.

Hello Will
If you can get 5 or more forum orders together we can offer 10% discount on the online price of £1490 for the Ducati Scrambler

The wheel sets are tubeless and are available in sizes 5.0x17 rear and 2.5x18 front

The hubs , nipples and rims are available in various colours to customise to match the bikes

We can ship world wide other than the USA as there is already a distributor there

All the info and options can be found here Ducati Scrambler Alloy



Alpina UK
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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