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need some help to find a jacket

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Hi , does anyone know of discounted Roland Sands retro leather jackets , gotta have one but can't justify £450 , or an alternative that still looks dope



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I bought this one Dainese Mike black version. I paid in euros but fast googling and found it in UK for £339.99.
From time to time you can find RSD, Vanson, Dainese jackets on ebay for a fraction of the cost.
I really like this Ducati branded jacket by Dainese, but the price tag was a bit too high for me.

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I really like this Ducati branded jacket by Dainese, but the price tag was a bit too high for me.

I almost pulled the trigger on this, but the Dainese fit is so small. I couldn't get my forearms into the sleeves.
I almost got it as well. But since I went with the Yellow Icon, I decided against it.
I have the BMG Montana, great quality jacket! It's somewhat like the one you mentioned.

BMG Montana Motorcycle Jacket Classic Motorcycle Jacket

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I was also looking as Roland Sands but after trying it in a shop I walked away thinking they're overpriced as they're mainly a heavy fashion jacket. Their brown ones (which is what I wanted) was also not the right shade for me, so I took a punt and ordered a Rev'it Red Hook without seeing one in person as I couldn't find it in a shop.


The jacket is awesome and has a winter liner (detachable), good ventilation a, good pads and most of all, looks amazing!

Other than that I just saw an add for these other great looking jackets but haven't seen one in person or read reviews yet

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I bought this last year and it's a cracker.

Richa Retro Racing jacket brown

I suggest the retrojacket "Wing" in brown from Modeka
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