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My Scrambler Vietnam

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I'm trying to make some diffirent with my Scrambler,

Still working on it,pls check it out!!!:)


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looks great!! did you get the polished metal tank from the catalog or strip your stock one?? :D;)

Welcome to the boards!!
Love how it looks, that's a great color scheme, almost looks like a set of how it should come from the factory, or at least some elements from it pulled.
Bumping this because I want to find out about the tank and panels. Details please HaLe.
The exhaust works perfect with the polished tank. I love the look! Great work!
Thank you guys,
I removed original Yellow color on tank , keep polished metal tank and used anti-rust paint , about panel I just stick cowhide, I bought from some custom mobile shop.
Now I'm planing to change the seat to Classic Seat.
Side bags of ducati looking fine, but I think I will buy a weatherproof bag at Wolfman Luggage | Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage - Premium Motorcycle Bags Made in the USA .

Will Update for you guys.

Thanks again!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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