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my first impression of the scrambler

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Long time lurker, first time poster....

Attended a local motorcycle show about a couple weeks ago that had all 4 scrambler models. Only sat on the Icon as the others were occupied for some time when I made my way around to them, so this will only be on my impression of the Icon.

While sitting, Immediately you’ll notice the great mix of old school and new school it has going on, especially the LCD clock dash. Was looking for a rep to let us play around with the LCD display but no one was around like a mad man.
Moving on, seating position on the Icon felt great, being comfortable and relaxed, didn’t feel like it was the type of bike you’d want to throw around. Even the position of the pegs were great to me, not too low as described by many. Reaching forward, the wide bars felt great, a setup that should leave most riders pleased with its overall handling in the conditions they’ll be riding in, I know I will (city).
Starting my disappointment was the seat, while its height and under-seat charger was great for practicality, the seat was just way too hard and uncomfortable, it needs to be revised. Sitting on it for a few minutes wasn’t bad but I can only imagine what this will be like during extended periods of riding.
Overall, before finally seeing them in person, I was originally curious about its size and concerned if it would be big and heavy as it appears in some pictures, but thankfully I it feels nimble and should be a ton of fun to throw around to an extent.

Aside from my own personal experience, I noticed a wide range of people taking a genuine interest in the Scramblers, i’m sure its narrow frame and seat which makes it easy to get a leg down is one of the key factors to this, not nearly as intimidating as other bikes can be.

The Full Throttle at the show grabbed a lot of attention, so much that I got tired from waiting for it to be free! Its one i’m looking forward to seeing again in person once the opportunity arises and could very well be what I sign off on ;)
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