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well last weekend I picked up a red icon, much nicer in person, I rode it back the 90 miles to home. The throttle response in 1st was very touchy to the point it was impossible to even feather your speed and I had some popping and a couple of stalls when down shifting. after another 100 miles or so that all stopped and runs smooth now. the seat I cant say enough about it, it sucks. I cant ride 100 miles before a want to jump off and smear ass cream all over me. I did order the comfort seat. other than that I have nothing but good. with the right seat I don't see any problems with 300 mile days on this bike, everything else fits well. with a good helmet the wind is not an issue at 80mph. I would like to see a rear luggage rack and a small windscreen but can live without it. I like the tires and the way it behaves on dirt roads, this is not an enduro so don't think your riding the trails with this bike. this bike is for the urban/country rider with occasional dirt road and longer trips. if you are looking for a serious touring bike this is not it. I wouldn't hesitate a weekend trip but I wouldn't do it every week only because the ride is stiff, no storage and no wind screen.
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