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I'm keen on buying the OEM seat/handlebar/ Headlight faring/ of the Ducati Cafe Racer and just wondering if anyone has done it or has experience with it. I'm still doing a lot of research to ensure it fits before I click on buying.

I'm 80% positive so far that the Ducati Icon 2020 I have and the Ducati Cafe Racer are structurally the same after looking at both manual service parts. They have the same frame/ fork and headlight, etc... just different types of exterior parts like the seat, handlebar, cowling headlight, and side panel which is the main part for the cafe racer look if anyone wants to pursue that route but still wants to use the OEM Ducati Part.

But... it's not going to be cheap though- after checking the OEM number part of the Ducati Cafe Racer. I found out that each part that I listed above is an average of 200$ or more each not including bolts, screws, vibrate pads, etc... and that's not included labor if you want to have someone installed. I say at least 3000$ extra for everything if you want to convert it.

Here's an example for the headlight since I want to purchase the Cowling headlight between two bikes compared to each other.
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Update PART 2:
So I am gambling on my decision to modify the Ducati icon to be a cafe racer using CAFE RACER OEM parts. We'll find out soon. I just bought a fairing and a side panel to experience it first. Will keep ya update.
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