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Miserable ride in city

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My dream comes true with Red Icon. In the first week, I just take some short rides (around 10 km) in my area with empty streets. It must say these rides are joyful and have nothing to complaint.

Today, the ODO reaches 500 km and I decide to try a long ride in rural areas with 200 km trip. The bike is OK too, except some stuttering clutch at low speed and/or low rev (I mean < 3000 rpm). My hands are nearly stiff because of the numbness due to keep clutch continuously. Maximal speed I can reach is 85 kmh at 4500 rpm. I think it's acceptable for a new bike in run-in period.

But riding the Icon in crowded traffic is miserable experience. Beside extremely hot engine, I just run the bike at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears with average speed at 20 kmh. Very bad on "smoothness" feelings, stuttering clutch and always using hard forces to keep clutch and throtte.

Will this condition improve after first service? Or the Scrambler is the bike for long ride with high speed only?

Feel confusion and need advises of other bikers, who are more experience than a newbie.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
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I don't think traffic here in Singapore is as bad as Vietnam (based on those documentary), but it can be quite bad too sometimes

Engine does smooth out a little more after 1st service, and personally I find the heat to be less too (maybe my nerves are already roasted.. :p)

If you find lugging the bike in low RPM to be very rough, I may suggest you to check your chain tension as it helped me in terms of overall smoothness

Clutch is already lighter than my previous Jap bike (MT09), but maybe you can adjust the lever to have wee bit more of slack... also, tilting the levers slightly down might help (based on my own riding preference)

It's definitely much easier to commute in my scooter, but it is more fun and much safer to do that with my Scrambler :)

good luck!
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