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Made it Happen! -Impressions

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I picked up my Urban Enduro on Tuesday from Motorcycles of Charlotte! I had a deposit down on one at Faye Myers in Denver back in November, then my wife asked me to move us across the country to be closer to family. Long story short, I had to wait until we bought a house to buy the bike. It was a long wait, but well worth it, especially since my new home is 20 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A few first impressions (you've heard them before):

Size: The bike is not small. Unless you're north of 6', don't worry. If you are, sit on one first. I am 5'11", 185 lbs, with a 32" inseam. The bike fits me great. My 5'4" mother also likes the fact that she can flat-foot it.

Sound:I absolutely love the stock sound. It is deep, but subdued. I would only go with an aftermarket exhaust for the weight savings now.

Suspension: I think the rear suspension is the only major weakness. It's pretty cruddy, and after I pay off the bike, it's first on my mod list.

Throttle: It's a little abrupt, but if you don't fall off you will adapt quickly and love this feature. (I was having a hoot with this particular trait after approximately 43 seconds of riding.)

Approachability: This thing is far and away the most natural-feeling motorbike I have ever ridden, and as long as you are VERY CAUTIOUS with the power, I would recommend it to new riders.

Appearance: This is the first bike about which my motorcycle-adverse wife has said, "it looks cool!"

Like I said, if you're reading this forum, you've probably heard all this before. Feel free to ask questions! Oh, and Motorcycles of Charlotte still has 1 UE, 2 Icons, and 1 Classic on the showroom floor.

Happy Friday! :)
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Fair Enough. That's the new house too! ;)

Who is a Happy boy then congrats.

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