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Made in Thailand

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For the most part, the Scrambler will be manufactured in Thailand. Ducati’s Thai factory produced more than 1000 Monsters last year. With parent Audi enjoying strong presence in south east Asia, Ducati Thailand is expected to expand production capabilities.

The Scrambler should be a low-priced, easily accessible bike with rock star looks. Keeping cost as low as possible is a major design goal, many major components will be manufactured in Thailand or neighboring countries. Japanese manufacturing has also transferred a tonne of production to these smaller Asian nations.

Japan has homologation regulations that give special insurance and tax advantages to 400cc engined bikes. The legislation has spread throughout the East. If Ducati is brilliant they will be able to capture the potential of up-and-coming nations of the Indian and Pacific belt.
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I have no problems with that. They have to get the styling dead on though. Can't wait to see the real thing. Even a prototype..
The Thais love their motorcycles, so I am not worried about production taking place there. The anticipation for this bike is going to be huge! If it is affordable and a beauty, how could you say no? I hope that it is not released other places than North America first because of the production being in Thailand.
oh yea, I dont have any issues with Scrambler production taking place in Thailand, the factory already seems to put out good work, and if the Scrambler is really going to be tailored to the south asian marketplace then having Thailand as the central distribution hub is brilliant.
Agreed! if it helps keep the price down why not!
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